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Social Action

Social Action deals with the reality of social problems within the wider community, and social justice attempts to change that reality.

Social Action has been focussing on food poverty and food sustainability, particularly amongst children and young people,  and as a result the LJS now supports Sufra, a local food bank.

We also recently partnered with UCL Academy (where 60% of pupils make use of school meals), the Portman restaurant and the National Literacy Trust  to provide a February Festival for students.

An eco audit of the LJS scheduled for March will now take place when we can safely access the building.

The notion of Tikkun olum, the injunction to repair the world, underpins the work of Social Action, looking outward to issues of social action and social justice in the wider community.

Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash

Fri, 11 September 2020 22 Elul 5780