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The LJS volunteers make an invaluable contribution to the synagogue, from greeting members at services, helping older members of the community, and working with families from other countries.

Our volunteers are as young as Bar and Bat Mitzvah age and many still volunteer into their eighties and even nineties. All find volunteering to be a rewarding and positive experience where they enjoy being part of the LJS community. 

Volunteers are more than just a welcome addition to the LJS; they are a vital ingredient to both the smooth running, and warm environment of our community. You can volunteer anything from a few hours a year to running a weekly group, and we always need and welcome new recruits.

Please email us at [email protected]  to find out how you can help, and read on for more suggestions.



The volunteer security team
The LJS has long been recognised as having one the best volunteer led security teams within the London area who tirelessly and regularly protect the congregation and the children week after week. We are always on the lookout for members to join the core team who enjoy dealing with and looking after people. The two areas the volunteer team look after are:


Congregation security
Extending an engaging and warm welcome to members and visitors

Training at all levels are available both at the LJS and from the  Community Security Trust.  If you wish to apply, you can contact us via email at  [email protected]

Synagogue Rotas
We have weekly Shabbat rotas you could help with. These include:

Greeting people as they arrive
Delivering floral arrangements for the bimah
Pouring tea and c
offee for kiddush
Volunteering as a 
High Holy Day stewarding & assistance

Fri, 11 September 2020 22 Elul 5780